Sure Catch Squid Stem Jig 2 pack

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Squid Stem Jig - Stainless Steel Value 2pk

Instructions: Impale on the skewer a large pilchard, small whiting or garfish, usually headfirst. The baitfish is then secured to the stem by first threading the eyelet with a line which is wrapped around the baitfish before passing through the eyelet once more.

Squid Catching Tips:

  • 1. Be on the water early, from just before the sun rises 'til around 9am is the best time.
  • 2. Rising tide is the usually most productive time for squid fishing.
  • 3. Squids prefer clear calm conditions. Usually attracted to rocks, break-waters, jetty pylons, mussel leases and boat moorings.
  • 4. Bring along a landing net. Lifting a good-sized hooked squid could be difficult.
  • 5. When a squid hits your bait, do not pull back against the squid as it will pull away from you. The squid pulls, you give, the squid yields, you gain line.

Night Squid Catching:

Try under the lights. When lights are shining into the water, agitate the bait. The squid, which hover in the darkness outside of the circle of light, will move in with lightning speed for the bait.

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