Silstar Lures Jig-Em Rig Squid 9cm

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The Silstar Jig-em Rigs are ideal for use when targeting reef species. The rig comes equipped with 3 hooks containing plastic squid skirts. The hooks can be baited for added appeal of just left as they are in the packet: the set of squid skirts dancing in the current will tempt plenty of reef species. The rig comes complete with hooks, mono and swivel. 

So the next time you go offshore fishing, you should call into your local store and grab a couple of these rigs before you go. The rig offers the opportunity to play with a variety of species and the chance of double hook-ups when the action is fast. The black and orange colour is ideal for most species of fish.

• Suitable for almost every species 
• Pre rigged in a 3 lure dropper pack with hooks, mono & swivel
• Great for all fishing methods from bottom fishing to free-floating  

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