Shimano Engetsu Rock Hopper

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The magnitude of a company is demonstrated not only by the quality of the raw materials, its products are made of, but also by the continuous support in spare parts and accessories, even in the low cost range.

The replacement, Engetsu Rock Hopper silicone octopuses by Shimano, provide to anglers solutions, that revive Inchiku and Engetsu jigs, which have been decommissioned due to the lack of silicone tinsels with pre-rigged assist hooks. The Shimano Engetsu Rock Hopper silicone octopuses are of high quality and this is evident from the first touch. Sometimes the quality of the materials and the detail in their design are not perceived at a first glance.

The Rock Hopper silicone octopus is made of extremely soft, floating silicone, giving the rigging a very natural and attractive movement, while its performance is further enhanced by the squid pheromones that have been used to entice aroma to the lure. Inside the silicone octopus there is a specially patented stopper, that keeps the lure in place.

The Assist Line used by Shimano is white, coated Power Pro 250lb while the hooks are light weight, but strong (FF # 16).

The Shimano Engetsu Rock Hopper octopus silicones are available in four phosphorescent colors to be visible even at great depths.

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