Rapala Skitter Pop Surface Popper

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The Rapala Skitter Pop Surface Lure has a unique, popping sound designed to attract strikes from a greater distance. Rest easy knowing its durable, balsa wood body will withstand strikes, snags and Australia’s harsh climate.
When fish such as bass and golden perch are feeding on the surface, reach for this lure and it will be sure to get some attention. Fishing on a slow or fast retrieve with occasional rod twitches, will see the most success. This lure is well-weighted allowing you to cast further, covering more water and potentially catching you more fish.
Fish with confidence, knowing this lure will be able to land almost any strike with its super sharp nickel hooks. Whether it’s a local lake, estuary or river, this surface lure will attract you some action. In no time, you will be reeling in your new personal best.

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