Rapala Skitter Prop

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One of the OG poppers on the market the balsa made Skitter Pop® is still just as deadly on the fish as it was when it was released decades ago.

With its unique loud popping sound generated by the cupped plastic lip the Skitter Pop® calls in predators. With the ability to walk the dog, popped across the surface, blooped and paused, or even dead-sticked close to structure the Skitter pop® is deadly on a host of species.

Finished off in natural and bright colours and fitted with a feather dressed VMC treble at the rear there is a Skitter Pop® to suit any condition.

Skitter Pop® will stand up to the savage strikes from Barramundi, Trevally, Queenfish, Tailor, and even Kingfish in the southern states. Incredibly effective twitched or with a walk-the-dog retrieve when fish are feeding on the surface.

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