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"An Australian Legend Since 1957". The Pegron Minnow was first developed in 1957 by Ron Millard and master lure designer Fred Denning. The Pegron Minnow is available in 8 fantastic colour patterns to suit a wide variety of fishing styles. The lure has a Trademark "swaying" action that simply drives predators crazy. Best used with a slow, straight retrieve or hopped along the bottom. Although the Pegron Minnow is best known as a trout spoon with few equals - it also works extremely well for Australian Bass, Redfin Perch, Flathead, Taylor, Salmon, Bonito, Snook and Trevally. The original Australian trout lure. MADE IN AUSTRALIA. ONE OF THE BEST LURES FOR TROUT. Length 65mm Weight 11.5grams Swimming Action wobbling

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