Neptune Tackle Arrow Jig Lure size 75mm Hook 2/0

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Neptune Tackle Arrow Jig The most realistic imitation squid lure available. Made from strong PVC material in a range of naturalistic colours and fitted with razor sharp chemically sharpened hooks. This jigging rig is pre tied using premium grade mono line, is fitted with 3 Arrow Squid Lures and has a heavy duty rolling swivel at one end and a sturdy sinker loop at t he other end. Completely assembled ready to fish. The Neptune Tackle ARROW JIG is a quality made rig specifically designed for jig fishing. Getting started simply tie the swivel end to the main line and add a sinker at the bottom loop of the rig. Lower the jig to the desired depth, then lift and lower your rod repeatedly so that the jig imitates distressed baitfish.

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