Mustad Mezashi Z-Tail 3" Minnow

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Mustad Mezashi Z-Tail Minnow Soft Baits

The Mezashi Z-Tail Minnow features a kicked tail to give the plastic a faster tail beat.

Built with Japanese PVC and incorporating German plasticisers, the Z-Tail Minnow makes use of American colour material to give the 8 natural and attractor colours.

The Z-Tail minnow is ideally rigged on a jighead and gives a high pitch tail action on both the retrieve and fall meaning species such as flathead, snapper, bream, trout, barra and more will love the action and smash this plastic.

Available in 3.5" and 3" sizes, the Mezashi Z-Tail Minnow will fool plenty of fish in the fresh and the salt.



Comes in a pack of 6.

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