JJ's StumpJumper Lure size 3

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The proven fish catching action and unbelievable anti-snag capabilities are combined with an exclusive patented snap-lock bib that lets you instantly alter the lures action and depth characteristics by changing to different shaped bibs. Simply change the bib to suit the conditions and keep fishing. 3A Bib dives to 4.0metres 3B Bib dives to 2.2metres The name 'StumpJumper' is synonymous with a key benefit of the design of the lure.Used correctly it will help you avoid the frustration of being snagged. Here's how, when trolling , hold the tip close to the water at 90 degree angle out from the boat to allow the current and the in-built buoyancy of the lure to lift and clear the snag. With practice, the lure can be 'walked' through most snags. Vary the length of line so as to stay in touch with the bottom. (Bump the odd log and you know you are down there with the fish.)

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