Berkley Powerbait HoneyBall 40mm

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For a fresh take on attracting a wide range of fish, the 2024 release of the Berkley PowerBait HoneyBall Soft Plastic Lure introduces cutting-edge technology and enticing features. This lure combines the revolutionary Honeycomb technology and PowerBait scent with a super tight swim action. Its unique shape and potent formula make it irresistible to both fresh and saltwater species, promising to keep fish biting longer.

Product Features:

  • Newly introduced in 2024 with advanced Honeycomb technology for durability and action.
  • Infused with Berkley's legendary PowerBait scent and flavor to mimic real prey.
  • Engineered for super tight swim action and body roll, appealing to a variety of species.
  • Comes pre-rigged with high-quality Berkley Fusion 19 hooks.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors to target a wide range of species including Bream, Bass, and more.

Product Specifications:
Length: 40mm
Weight: 3.6g
Quantity: 4

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