Berkley Gulp 4" Minnow Saltwater

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Berkley Gulp 4" Minnow Natural Berkley® Saltwater Gulp!® is without a doubt the most effective and most revolutionary artificial bait ever invented. It truly out catches ANY other baits on the market, including live or cut bait. Due to it's incredible catch rate compared to anything else, in just a short amount of time, it has become the most sought after bait by Saltwater Fishermen all around the world. If you are already a believer and are coming back for more. Constructed of water-based resins No oil barrier to keep scent contained in the bait; releases scent as soon as it touches water Absorbs scent of Gulp! liquid from packages and Gulp! Alive! pails Can be recharged and kept fresh for best performance Scent is also water based and can be easily detected by fish, expanding the strike zone and attracting fish even when they do not see the bait Three-layer flavor formula that offers bait-specific flavors as well as universally appealing "meat and potatoes" and "seasoning" for increased effectiveness Easily identified as a natural food by fish Real scent and flavor cause fish to strike harder and hang on longer for more positive hook sets

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