Thermadry Polypropylene Beanie

Thermadry Polypropylene Beanie

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Warmth and wicking ability in 100% polypropylene beanie. Thin and warm construction makes this the perfect beanie for layering or use under helmets etc.

Made in New Zealandby Weft Knitting Company 

  1. Wickability draws moisture and perspirations away from the skin, transferring it to the next layer. Retaining a warm layer of air next to the skin.
  2. Low thermal conductivity means better insulation which keeps you warmer for longer periods.
  3. Hard wearing because of a high resisitence to rubbing, stretching and tearing.
  4. Quick drying as polypropylene is moisture repellent.
  5. Lightweight polypropylene is only 70% of the weight of an equivalent wool garment.
  6. One Size Fits Most

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