Squidgy Pro Range Weapon Jigheads

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As with all of the other products in the Aussie-designed Squidgy Range, our brand new Weapon Jig Head series evolved in direct response to a clear need and frequent requests from loyal Squidgies fans. Hand-picked and designed to catch all manner of fish in the widest possible range of fresh and saltwater scenarios, Weapon Jig Heads will not only pin the big ones, they’ll also keep you connected to them, thanks to their custom-built, bullet-proof hooks. And if you need even MORE hooking power in specialist applications, the larger Weapon Jig Heads come pre-fitted with a super-strong eyelet for attaching a stinger hook! Add your own choice of treble, double, single or assist hook. Like every other product in our range, these innovative Weapon Jig Heads have been extensively field tested by our team and are already well on their way to becoming genuine Squidgies “classics”!

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