Halco RMG Lures Scorpion 68 STD Dive 2.5 metres

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Cast or troll the Scorpion 68, it can be used for both types of fishing successfully. The buoyant nature of the lure makes it ideal for fishing near the bottom in shallow locations. It will float off many snags and the retrieve can be continued. Troll at least 20 metres from the boat and limit speeds to around 3 knots, if trolling ultra slow use a twitching rod movement for added action. Can be successfully cast for a range of small fresh and saltwater species. If changing hooks to lighter or heavier styles, be aware it may change the action of the lure. Lures are designed with certain hooks equipped and the weight, drag and size of the hooks can all affect the action and buoyancy of a particular lure. Anglers worldwide have different requirements, so by all means change hooks, but remember to study the action and buoyancy of the lure to ensure the vital characteristics of the lure are not altered. Dives to approximately 2.5 metres.

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